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Egg Swap

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 8:35 PM

Hello Everyone it’s Adam here! Last week we had our egg swap tournament. Several people made eggs to hand out for the tournament. Upon entering the room participants received and hatched their and then would battle with the Pokemon they got. The battles were conducted with the Pokemon at level one with no changes to their movesets or items allowed.One interesting factor that came into play were speed ties. With all of the Pokemon at level one the majority of them hit a speed stat of six. This meant that many turns in every battle each trainer had a fifty percent chance of their Pokemon moving first. Many battles were decided based on who won more speed ties or who was able to win that one key speed tie to give them the edge.I actually ended winning the tournament with the team of Totodile, Alolan Sandshrew, Zorua, Growlithe, Chinchou and Dratini. An important player on the Team was Growlithe. I was able to combine its intimidate ability and recovery move morning sun to keep it alive and hinder opponent’s physical attackers throughout battles. It also had access to powerful attacks in burn up and close combat to give it offensive potential as well. The star of the show however was Totodile. Having the move dragon dance allowed to boost its speed to outspeed opponents while also adding an additional boost in attack on top of its sheer force ability. This turned Totatile into a very scary offensive threat.Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope to see everyone at meetings in the future!

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