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PSPS Constitution


The Penn State Pokemon Society (PSPS)

Created: April, 2010

Updated: April 2017

Effective: April 2017


  1. Purpose - The Purpose of The Penn State Pokemon Society is to bring together those in the community that enjoy any aspect of the Pokemon franchise.
  2. Membership
    1. At all times, the majority (50% + 1) of all active members shall be full-time, officially registered students at University Park.
    2. The membership shall be divided into active and associate members.
      1. Only currently registered undergraduate students are eligible for active membership.
      2. All others interested in furthering the purpose of the PSPS; including but not limited to, faculty, staff, community members, graduate students, and alumni shall be associate members.
      3. Only active members may hold office, vote, preside, officiate, or solicit funds, on behalf of the PSPS.
      4. Members eligible for active member status are considered active once they have attended one third (33%) of meetings within a semester.
    3. At all times, there shall be at least ten (10) active members in the PSPS.
    4. The PSPS reserves the right to expel a member who is not following the policies of the PSPS or of the University.
      1. A member may be expelled via a two-thirds (67%) vote of elected officials.
      2. The expelled member may petition for reinstatement within the club by filing a petition signed by at least three-fourths (75%) of all active members.
    5. In the case of violations of constitutional policies and/or a conflict between members with the PSPS, the highest ranking officer (by order recognized in this document) that is not involved in the conflict, with the assistance from the advisor (if applicable), will facilitate an informal mediation procedure.
      1. The mediator shall:
        1. Arrange for a mediation meeting outside of the regular PSPS meeting.
        2. Explain their role as an impartial party and the objectives of the mediation.
        3. Set ground rules of the mediation.
        4. Allow each party to express their views without interruption from the opposing party.
        5. Collect any available and relevant resources that might assist in the resolution.
        6. As a third party, the mediator may encourage a resolution amongst those involved, but will not by themselves enforce a resolution[1].
        7. Facilitate goal setting to a reach a resolution.
    6. New Membership and Recruitment
      1. Any and all new members will be given full disclosure during recruitment, including but not limited to:
        1. New Membership Manual
        2. Schedule of the new member events and activities
        3. List of responsibilities
        4. Copy of the University Hazing policy, prescribed by Policies and Rules for Student Organizations[2]
    7. All members reserve the right to refrain from participating in any activities without consequence based upon personal beliefs or values, moral reserve, or religious beliefs.
    8. Any and all interaction activity between members will be limited to guidelines stated by university policy, as well as local, state, and federal laws.
  3. Officers
    1. Only active members[3] shall be eligible to serve as appointed or elected officers.
    2. All officers must have an email address that any member can obtain.
    3. Unexpected Vacancies will be filled as follows:
      1. President:
        1. The Vice President will become the new President
        2. The Secretary will become the new Vice President
        3. An emergency vote will be held two (2) meetings after the vacancy occurs to fill the Secretary’s position. The new Vice President will continue the Secretary’s position until a new Secretary can be found.
      2. Vice President:
        1. The Secretary will become the new Vice President
        2. An emergency vote will be held two (2) meetings after the vacancy occurs to fill the Secretary’s position. The new Vice President will continue the Secretary’s position until a new Secretary can be found.
      3. All other positions: An emergency vote will be held two (2) meetings after the vacancy occurs to fill that officer’s position. The President will either delegate the duties of the position or do them themselves until the vacancy can be filled.
    4. Offices, listed in order of rank
      1. President
        1. Serves as spokesperson and liaison for the PSPS
        2. Presides over meetings
          1. Reserves rooms
          2. Calls or cancels with prior notice
          3. Keeps meetings running smoothly
        3. Appoints non-officer positions with two-thirds (67%) officer approval
        4. Enforces the PSPS’s good standing with the University
        5. Delegates any of their above duties to willing members
      2. Vice President
        1. Ensures President’s duties are fulfilled if President is absent.
        2. Meetings
          1. Decides when tournaments will be held
          2. Organizes all tournaments
        3. Delegates any of their above duties to willing members with Presidential approval.
      3. Secretary
        1. Membership
          1. Maintains a list of all members
          2. Maintains a listserve[4]
        2. Maintains all social media sites for the PSPS
        3. Maintains a calendar of all events
        4. Maintains records of all events[5]
        5. Advertises for the club
        6. Delegates any of the above duties to willing members with Presidential approval.
      4. Treasurer
        1. Oversees all merchandising orders
        2. Oversees all fundraisers
        3. Delegates any of the above duties to willing members with Presidential approval
        4. Accountable for all transactions involving club funds
      5. Penn State Pokemon Challenge Head (PSPC Head)
        1. A club member is appointed to this position by executive club officers
        2. Creates a Penn State Pokemon Challenge (PSPC) committee
        3. Oversees the PSPC committee
        4. Controls all aspects of the PSPC, This can be overruled by a two thirds (67%) officer vote.
      6. Pokémon Professor
        1. This is an optional position that a club member can be appointed to by executive club officers if said member meets the qualifications.
        2. Must be a Pokémon Professor
        3. Must be a Tournament Organizer
        4. Organizes and runs Pokémon sanctioned events including both VGC and TCG events



    1. Impeachment
      1. If an officer is not completing their responsibilities they may be impeached.
      2. Any active member may request impeachment of an officer through the President or Advisor.
      3. A two thirds (67%) officer vote is required for impeachment[6].
      4. A majority (50% + 1) vote of active members is required for impeachment.
    2. Elections
      1. Nominations will take place two (2) meetings prior to the election
      2. Elections will occur at least two (2) weeks before the end of the semester where a term ends
      3. Elections will be publicized in the meetings preceding them.
      4. Any member may nominate another eligible member
      5. Active members shall cast anonymous ballots for the candidate of their choice; one vote per office.
      6. If majority (50% + 1) cannot be obtained, the candidate with the lowest number of votes shall be eliminated from consideration, and the vote will be recast[7].
      7. All officers serve for a term, that lasts at most one year, with no term limits.
      8. No one involved in conducting the elections may be an official candidate and may not vote.
  1. Meetings
    1. The PSPS will meet at least once a week during the active school period.
    2. The location and time of the general meeting is to be determined at the beginning of the semester
    3. Two thirds (67%) officer vote, followed by majority (50% + 1) club vote is required to change the room or date of general meetings.
  2. Voting
    1. Only active members may vote
    2. Quorum for all voting shall be one third (33%) of active members.
    3. A simple majority (50% + 1) shall be necessary for all voting[8]. This majority shall be derived from the active members present.
  3. Finances
    1. All PSPS funds are to be deposited and handled exclusively through the Associated Student Activities (ASA) in 240 HUB.
    2. The PSPS will not have an off-campus account.
    3. Dues
      1. The PSPS may collect dues which will not be excessive.
      2. The PSPS officers will determine dues, with two thirds (67%) vote.
      3. The PSPS may collect dues semi-annually
    4. The Treasurer of the club may spend up to fifty (50) dollars of the PSPS’s funds without the approval of the general membership. Must notify other officers beforehand. This can be overruled by a two thirds (67%) officer vote.
  4. Amendments to the Constitution
    1. Amendments to the PSPS constitution may be introduced at any general meeting. Voting shall occur at the meeting following its formal introduction, with the amendment taking effect following Office of Student Activities approval.
    2. Any member may introduce a constitutional amendment.
    3. All amendments are subject to the approval of the Office of Student Activities.
  5. Parliamentary Authority - Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, by Sarah Corbin ROberts shall be used in all cases not covered by the PSPS constitution.
  6. Accessibility of the PSPS Constitution - Copies of the PSPS constitution shall be made available by anyone upon request.
  7. Advisor
    1. The PSPS must retain an advisor at all times.
    2. The advisor will be a full-time Faculty or Staff member of The Pennsylvania State University Park campus.
    3. The PSPS will choose its advisor through a majority (50% + 1) vote.
    4. The advisor can assist the organization by providing counsel on specialized subjects in which the advisor is experience or expert, and on general matters relating to the conduct of organizational affairs. Advisors are encouraged to offer constructive criticism and guidance without domination.[9]


[1] The mediator may still vote in a consensus amongst all other elected officials involving the situation.

[2] This document is also available upon request by the Office of Student Activities

[3] Not associate members

[4] Can be the university listserv or a personal email list

[5] To include attendance

[6] The officer being impeached cannot participate in this vote.

[7] In the event of a tie of two (2) candidates, the ballot will be recast.

[8] Unless otherwise stated in the constitution